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Eager To Learn To Use Your Computer More Efficiently?

Need a little help learning that new program or computer you just bought? Or perhaps just some guidance in getting to know the Windows interface? We offer tutoring and training in-home, your office or at our Training Facility. One or two hour sessions for one person. Learn in the comfort of your own home or office.

Whether you know absolutely nothing about personal computers or you are just looking to brush up on a few skills, individualized computer instruction can provide the help you need. For many years, people have learned to play instruments, sing, dance and act through one-on-one lessons. However, due to the high cost of qualified teachers, personal computer instruction has been available only in a classroom environment. This page describes the individualized personal computer Tutoring & Training programs offered by Ken Russell & Associates.

We Make House Calls...

Safety Net

Tutoring and Training
with Windows

We specialize in providing custom computer tutoring & training to you, including most common programs and all aspects of the Internet. Key reasons why people choose our services:

...We listen! It gives you the opportunity to express your needs and is used to establish expectations.

...Items covered are identified as important to you. You may want create your own "to do" list for the session.

...Information is conveyed in a professional manner and questions are answered with a genuine interest in being certain that you understand the explanation.

...Short sessions avoid information overload. Usually two to three hours.

...Your computer understanding is recognized and is used as the basis for knowing how much hand-holding is needed to guide you to the successful completion of your identified task.

...Your comfort is recognized as a key element in having a successful session. Holding the session in your home or business eliminates the need to have you become familiar with a new environment. Sensitivity to your anxieties during the session keeps it progressing at a pace that keeps you relaxed.

Ken Russell & Associates computer tutoring & training will increase your knowledge and comfort level using your computer. With comprehensive training, you will be able to finish complex projects quickly and easily. Quality computer tutoring will not only boost your personal productivity, but it will increase your skills and confidence in using a computer. We make it easy to learn more about your computer with high-quality computer training for your PC. Tutoring sessions are held days and evenings, Monday thru Saturday for beginners and intermediate users.

...Do you want continuous access to the latest news or financial data?

...Want to harness the Internet for business?

...Doing personal research or maybe even for a school paper?

...Or would you like to just relax at your computer and surf the Internet?

...Don't spend another day fighting your computer�

What are the qualifications of the instructor?

Ken Russell is the founder of Ken Russell & Associates and is our primary instructor. Click here to go to Ken's Resume Page Other Instructors are available for Special Projects - just call us.

Minimum two hour sessions for one person. Learn in the comfort of your own home.
$25 per hr. + transport fee (2 hour minimum)

Internet Training

Our goal is to lead and coach people through the basic functions of the Internet, and show them one-on-one how to e-mail, "surf" the web, search for interesting sites, and much more. The Internet is a worldwide network of computers and consists primarily of four parts: e-mail, news groups, file sharing and the World Wide Web. This session will provide hands on experience Using Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Netscape Navigator, Internet Searching, Downloading Software, Virus Protection, Microsoft updates, Sending E-mail, Sending and Receiving Files, Setting up Multiple E-mail Accounts, Using News Groups, Participating with others on the Internet, and much more�

NOTE: Home or Business Clients must have access to the Internet with a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) and connection must be working.

Group Training

For some companies, individual tutoring is just not appropriate. For example, you may have just purchased a new word processor and need to educated everyone in your company. To satisfy this need, we can also conduct group training for any number of people at the same time. The classes can be held at your office or at our training facility.

You can choose from standard training classes, such as:

...How to buy a Personal or Business Computer

...Everyday Uses for Personal Computers

...Accessing the Information Superhighway (Internet)

...Creating Your Own World Wide Web Page

...Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP

...Word Processing (Microsoft Word/WordPerfect)

...Spreadsheet Applications (Microsoft Excel/Lotus)

...Professional Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)

...Microsoft Office

...Microsoft Works

At your option, we can customize a class and make it specific to your particular software and your particular business. If necessary, we will build a completely new training session tailored to your specific needs! Just let us know what you require!

For more information, call Ken at (519)823-0228. You can also Click here to email us your comments or questions.

Payment Policy ...

Cheques/Money Order/Cash graciously accepted...

Large assignments will require a deposit to be negotiated.

Contact us today!

We serve the Following Communities and areas:

In Town Service Area: ($25.00 per hour) Gueph and Aberfoyle/Morriston

Rural Service Area: ($10.00 travel fee each visit) Eramosa/Guelph and Erin Townships, Fergus and Elora, Milton (north of 401) and Acton

Golden Triangle Service Area: ($15.00 travel fee and a minimum of 2 hours for each visit) Wellington North and Waterloo Counties (Includes Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Elmira)

Ken Russell & Associates
Norfolk Resource Centre
75 Norfolk Street, Guelph, Ontario,


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