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Our classroom instructor Ken Russell is currently one of the designated instructors at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre Computer Lab in Guelph, Ontario.

We also maintain a training facility at the Norfolk Resource Centre, evenings and on weekends, by appointment only.

Entry Level Computing

Computers Getting Started I: Beginner

A beginner's course for those who would like to try computing at its most basic level. Your instructor, Ken Russell will explain the history of computing and its evolution to date. You can expect hands on learning at your own speed. Students will learn all about the hardware and software that runs a computer, how to successfully use a mouse and some simple games and entry level software programs. No prior computing knowledge is necessary but some hand-eye coordination is required. Our computer lab is equipped with the new Windows 7 operating system.

Computers Getting Started II: Intermediate

This is the second level of the beginner computer course. Here you will learn how to create files and folders, save your work, mouse and keyboard skills, and maintenance routines for your computer. By the end of the course you will be able to work on your own using a simple text editor and be ready to move on to e-mail and other computer courses. This course requires completion of the Getting Started I course or equivalent experience.

e-Mail Courses

e-Mail Basics

This introductory level course is geared to those who have little or no experience with e-mail. Over the four weeks we will discuss software programs, the type of e-mail services and how e-mail works. You will set up an online e-mail account and begin sending and receiving simple e-mail messages with your classmates. Prerequisite: Getting Started I or equivalent.




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